May 02, 2007

Police Quotas?

You don't say! Although they call it a "performance" measure:
Some Denver police officers are under more pressure these days to write traffic tickets. CBS4 investigator Brian Maass learned a ticket writing quota has been instituted for officers in the Traffic Operations Bureau.

For about two dozen motorcycle officers, the order is to write 16 tickets for an eight hour shift. Fall short, and they will have to explain their slacking to superior officers.

Captain Eric Rubin, commander of 79 officers in the Traffic Operations Bureau, contends it's "not a quota," but he calls it a "measure of performance" for officers whose primary duty is to enforce traffic laws. "It's a goal we are striving for," he said.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines quota in part as ”a production assignment."
Benchmarks? Or revenue stream?

Cops should use discretion--not "performance" measures to determine whether to ticket.

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