February 11, 2007

Ritter's Union Bill Veto Stirs Hornet's Nest Of Rhetoric, Interpretations

Dick Wadhams has a new moniker for Gov. Bill Ritter: "Both Ways Bill".

Political payback is, well, you know.

Some see the move as good political strategy, with many (rightly so) claiming credit for Ritter's reversal on a bill that seemed a done deal.

Democrats and unions still believe that Ritter owes them big time, and they expect Ritter to pay back the "immense IOU" he has incurred from their support.


Blogger Hyunchback said...

Let me pose a hypothetical here.

In this hypothetical situation a hypothetical political party, let's call them the Jackasses have taken control of both houses of a bicameral state government and also get control of the governor's seat.

Now, in THEORY this party is all pro-union. That way they get loads of political contributions and votes without having to work too hard.

In reality, though, the Jackasses know they really are on the side of big business.

So after winning election the Jackasses in the House and Senate push out a bill as payback to the unions. Trouble is the guys they play golf with, the guys they meet at the country club don't want the bill passed. So they leave it to the guy in the governor's seat to veto the Jackass union bill.

All those Jackasses in the House and Senate get to go back to the unions and say "We tried, but you know what, that governor didn't pull his weight."

They claim that they did what their union supporters wanted but all along the Jackasses never intended the bill to pass. They knew it was going to be dead on the desk so they could go back to the golf course and country club and report to their real friends "Yeah, we killed that bill for you!"

All hypothetical. Next time it will probably be the Senate Jackasses who do the killing while the governor bemoans how the bill never got to his desk. Then the House Jackasses will do the killing. This way they all can take credit for bills that never got into law because they "voted for" them. Meanwhile they aren't offending their real pals.

Just hypothetical, you know. Real political parties wouldn't act like that, would they?

Mon Feb 12, 07:25:00 PM  

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