February 06, 2007

Hickenlooper Wastes Money Plowing Ice A Month Too Late

A few days ago, we criticized Mayor Hickenlooper for choosing to do something about the paralyzing ice covering Denver's streets over a month after the first blizzard hit.

Now with a moderation in temperature, the city plans to spend millions not only plowing whats left of the ice--and there is still a lot, mind you--but renting giant snow melting equipment. Even the left thinks this is nuts.

Note to Mayor Hickenlooper: the sun melts snow each year for free. Nobody in Denver complained about the ice piled in local parks, seeing as they couldn't easily reach them due to the ice in the streets . . .

No doubt the Hick and the city council members feel the heat from the pressure of their constituents to accomplish their duties in a timely manner. This overreaction meant to quell criticism is itself being attacked as a foolish way of spending city funds, especially a contingency fund designed for emergencies, not CYA gestures.

Then there's the potholes.

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