February 03, 2007

An Ode To Mayor Hickenlooper--Send In The Plows

With apologies to Stephen Sondheim ("Send in the Clowns"):
Denver is cold,
Hick doesn’t care
Can’t get a grip on the ground,
Cars in mid-air.
Send in the plows.

Ice on the road
Doesn’t improve
Wheels just keep spinning around,
Can’t hardly move.
Where are the plows?
Send in the plows.

Just when I'd stopped shoveling snow,
Finally thinking the ice building outside would go,
Another storm would again dump with usual flair,
Out on the street,
No one is there.

Stuck in a ditch?
We still can’t steer,
Losing his “Teflon”, the mayor
Costing him dear.
And where are the plows?
There ought to be plows.
Well, maybe next year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went out for the mail Friday afternoon. Snow had blown over an icy patch. Concussion!

Mon Feb 05, 12:10:00 AM  

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