November 20, 2006

Greenpeace "South Park" Parody: Blame Canada

Greenpeace parody using South Park characters falls flat:
They've taken on Mel Gibson, Saddam Hussein, Satan and Jesus.

Now the potty-mouthed kids from South Park are featured in an online advertisement — and their target is the Canadian government and its opposition to a ban on bottom trawling on the high seas.

Greenpeace posted a video spoof online starring Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, who slam Canada's stance on deep-sea dragging just as a six-day round of talks on sustainable fisheries began at the United Nations.

The boys — animated as different species of fish — single out Canada and Spain, expletives included, before a large net scoops "Squiddy" off the ocean floor.

"Oh my God! They killed Squiddy!" Stan yells.

"You bastards!" Kyle replies.

Then the group breaks into song, to the tune of the Oscar-nominated "Blame Canada," bashing Canadian officials for their refusal to support the ban while mocking Spanish fishermen who trawl "because we can."

Bruce Cox, executive director of Greenpeace Canada, said the group launched the ad Friday as a way to reach a segment of the population who might not otherwise be familiar with Ottawa's position on trawling.

"We're hoping that this will create an Internet audience, perhaps a bit of a younger demographic," Mr. Cox said.

"Also, it's quite immediate."
What is quite immediately clear is that South Park creators had nothing to do with the parody. How can you tell?

Its. Not. Funny.

Damn hippies. Hippies!



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