September 04, 2006

2008 Denver Democratic Convention Bid Hits Snag

Denver's bid to host the 2008 Democratic National Convention has hit a snag, one that might potentially cost the city's chances despite front-runner status:
Local union leaders have decided not to oppose Denver’s bid for the 2008 Democratic National Convention, but it was unclear Thursday whether the change would improve the city’s chances of winning.

Labor issues in the city have focused on hotels, and particularly the new, city-bonded Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center. None of Denver’s hotels are union, and some Democratic delegations say they must stay in union hotels.

Officials in opposing cities have seized on Denver’s labor issues as the Democratic National Committee looks to name two finalists this month.

“I think it is important for some of the delegates from strong union states to stay in union hotels,” said Erin Dady, the marketing director for St. Paul, Minn. “Especially here in the Midwest where we have strong ties to labor.”

Minneapolis-St. Paul and New York are the other finalists for the convention, and, unlike Denver, both have union hotels.

Still, officials with Denver’s host committee now can say that labor is not formally opposing the bid as they make their case to national Democrats.
Even if the bid is not dropped, it may be unlikely that Denver can win over big-time Dem leaders without a hotel with unionized workers:
Host committee officials said last week that landing the 2008 convention would be unlikely unless the city had at least one hotel with organized labor.
Well, let us hope that this technicality may be overcome. Denver is an attractive and strategic place for the Dems in '08, and who are we kidding? We'd love to the Dems, moonbats and all, in the Mile Hi City.


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