August 31, 2006

Another Immigrant March In Denver: September 30?

Details are in the works, and the "message" is being formulated:
Local activists are planning what is likely to be another massive march and rally to push for compassionate treatment of the country's immigrants.

The plan is to march Sept. 30, said Ricardo Martinez of the Denver activist group Padres Unidos, which was heavily involved in the large but peaceful May 1 and March 25 downtown Denver rallies.

But organizer Jennifer Herrera said the details are still being decided and could change.

"There are definitely people meeting to discuss a plan for a march," she said Tuesday.

The march is part of a wave of national events starting Labor Day intended to pressure Congress to pass immigration reform that gives illegal immigrants a path toward legalization, Martinez said.

Herrera said local organizers are still deciding on which message the local demonstration should take and which groups to align with.
Of course, the marches and rallies could backfire, and provide a sort of get-out-the-vote in reverse for the GOP. Especially if it involves illegal immigration activists engaged in behavior like this:



Anonymous The Outlander said...

Such a gathering could backfire and give the GOP leverage to win on a state level, but the news media would spin it otherwise, since they prefer illegal immigrants over legal American citizens.

Sat Sep 02, 01:18:00 PM  

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