August 29, 2006

You'll Never Guess

Who answered this question like this:
Would you describe the US as it is now as a fascist state?

Far from it. In many respects it is the most free country in the world.
Allah is outraged!

Other quotes:
--Why should the US exist, sitting on half of Mexico, including Florida, conquered in a violent racist war carried out in violation of the Constitution?

--In the case of Lebanon, there is little doubt [war crimes occurred]. Ample reasons have been given by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, and that's a bare beginning. But guilt extends far beyond. The Bush-Blair invasion of Iraq, for example, is a clear example of what the Nuremberg Tribunal determined to be "the supreme international crime", which encompasses all the evil that follows. We would do well to recall the eloquent words of Nuremberg chief counsel Justice Robert Jackson: "We are handing the defendants a 'poisoned chalice', and if we sip from it, we must accept the same judgement." The conclusions seem clear enough.


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