August 09, 2006

Forecasters Revise Hurricane Predictions, "Global Warming" Cited

Not really, but it seems that every weather story that comes out now has at least some reference to "global warming" being the catalyst or at least a factor in producing bad weather:
MIAMI (AP) -- The 2006 Atlantic hurricane season should be slightly less active than originally predicted, federal forecasters said Tuesday.

Forecasters now expect there to be 12 to 15 named storms and seven to nine hurricanes, the National Hurricane Center and other National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration agencies said.

. . .

The two forecasts still would make this season busier than long-term averages, but in line with an increase in the Atlantic that started in 1995. Federal forecasters say warmer waters, more moisture and other conditions have been responsible for that increase, which could last for another decade or longer.
At least the article here recognizes that weather trends follow short and long term patterns that are external from "global warming" which would only indicate a permanent increase in patterns--either by exacerbating frequency or intensity or both.

Had the news been more grim, and the number of expected storms increased, the MSM not only would have made the revised forecast top news, but would have accompanied it with much handwringing about "global warming", "climate change", and evil oil companies that pollute the environment.


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