August 08, 2006

"Global Warming" Hype Nothing But "Climate Porn"

According to a British think tank:
Apocalyptic visions of climate change used by newspapers, environmental groups and the UK government amount to "climate porn", a think-tank says.

The report from the Labour-leaning Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) says over-use of alarming images is a "counsel of despair".

It says they make people feel helpless and says the use of cataclysmic imagery is partly commercially motivated.

. . .

Coverage breaks down, they concluded, into several distinct areas, including:
--Alarmism, characterised by images and words of catastrophe
--Settlerdom, in which "common sense" is used to argue against the scientific consensus
--Rhetorical scepticism, which argues the science is bad and the dangers hyped
--Techno-optimism, the argument that technology can solve the problem
Not only commercially motivated, but ideologically as well. Climate change--if the globe was cooling as some had predicted back in the 1970s--would be taken to mean the same thing policy-wise for the same groups of people. They worry about "global warming" now, but if it was "global cooling" instead, the hype and hysteria would be the same.

An example of "climate porn":
No British newspaper has taken climate change to its core agenda quite like the Independent, which regularly publishes graphic-laden front pages threatening global meltdown, with articles inside continuing the theme.

A recent leader, commenting on the heatwave then affecting Britain, said: "Climate change is an 18-rated horror film. This is its PG-rated trailer.

"The awesome truth is that we are the last generation to enjoy the kind of climate that allowed civilisation to germinate, grow and flourish since the start of settled agriculture 11,000 years ago."
Hyperbole. Hysteria. Hype.

The true source of "global warming"? Alarmists' hot air.



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