August 08, 2006

Liveblogging The Colorado Primary--Updated

The importance of this race is easily overshadowed by the much more prominent races in Connecticut and Georgia. But as this election will show, a single congressional seat switch from Republican to Democrat represents a two vote swing.

Rick O'Donnell must wage a vigorous campaign in order to preserve the seat for Republicans. Perlmutter or Lamm can count on a roughly divided district and one that went for Kerry, as well as a pretty evenly split party registration with plenty of "independents". This is not a "safe seat" and has been clearly in the "toss-up" category since Bob Beauprez decided to run for governor.

The first numbers out are usually misleading, but given that nearly an hour has passed since the polls closed, here are the first significant numbers up tonight:

Voting feed here.

7:42 PM--Dem 7th--Perlmutter leads Lamm by 16%, but this margin is sure to close as results roll in (18000 votes in)

8:36 PM--Dem 7th--Perlmutter lead begins to shrink a bit, but there are still only 2 precincts reporting (doesn't give much hope to a swift result on election night in November)

9:11 PM--Dem 7th--With 52 of 324 precincts in, Perlmutter still retains a large but not insurmountable lead, 53-38.

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