August 02, 2006

Castro: "I'm Not Dead!"

"You will be in a moment":

Cuban leader Fidel Castro says he is in a stable condition and good spirits following surgery, according to a statement read on Cuban TV.

"I feel perfectly fine," Mr Castro was quoted as saying.

On Monday he handed power temporarily to his brother Raul, to recover from his treatment for internal bleeding.

Earlier the Cuban leader, who turns 80 this month, was quoted as saying that a punishing schedule in recent weeks had affected his health.

It is not clear whether he is in hospital or recovering at home.

The statement expressed gratitude for the good wishes Mr Castro had received from around the world, and urged Cubans to maintain their daily routines.

"Everyone needs to struggle, and work," he is quoted as saying.
Castro was also overheard saying, "I'm getting better. I think I'll go for a walk. I feel happy. I feel happy."


Apparently the commenters at the BBC already have. . .
I admire Fidel Castro's long and firm stand right in the face of the World's only Super Power. To Castro's critics: it is not the Cuba's ruling system that has caused the problems Cuba faces; but it is the US embargo on Cuba that has caused it. Americans couldn't stop their president from ruining Iraq and bringing death to over 50000 human beings, they shouldn't even talk about anything called freedom, especially if it comes at that cost.
Not all the world loves to live under Capitalism and US imperialism. Had there been more Castros and Ches in this world, the World would not have become the playground of Imperialists especially the USA, the world would be more just and peaceful place to live in.

Hadi Zaheer, Afghanistan


Blogger the boodge said...

Fuck the BBC. They will soon be part of Al Jazerra once the muslims take over europe and then they'll (the BBC) be begging us to come save their sorry limey asses!

Wed Aug 02, 10:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's da only thing Us r! Fascist rulers ~ as if da world waz ur mama's playground.

Wed Feb 07, 10:45:00 PM  

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