August 02, 2006

Vandal Replaces Jesus With Che

One of Che's minions decided to replace the century-old painting of Jesus with an image of the murderous revolutionary (h/t relapsed catholic):
An investigation is under way after a famous Argyll cave painting of Christ's crucifixion was badly damaged by a vandal.

A large red and black image of the revolutionary Che Guevara has been painted over the original work, on Davaar Island at Campbeltown Loch.

The damage was discovered last week and has caused outrage in the area.

Nobody has claimed responsibility but a young man was apparently seen leaving the island carrying a bag at the time.

The image of Christ on the Cross was painted in secret in 1887 by a teacher from the area, Archibald MacKinnon.
Sycophants of dead communist tyrants who think they have artistic talent should try creating something original, rather than regurgitating the Korda agitprop photo known infamously around the world.

A patch found in England that provides the necessary response (and which is worn proudly by yours truly:


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