July 13, 2006

Another Thought On The Special Session

With the Democrats still gloating over their "toughest in the country" legislative coup (intended to have meaningful consequences, with the reality neither here nor there), one might wonder further how the GOP could play the hand it was dealt by the whole process.

State Dems would never sacrifice their base--activists, minorities, labor unions, etc.--for the mythical independent voter or disaffected Republican. This in itself should give anyone inclined to see the Dems as tough on immigration as nothing more than smoke-and-mirrors posturing in an election year.

Further, no legislative outcome--even genuinely tough measure on immigration--can be achieved adequately in such a short span of time like a special session. That was the whole point of the session anyway, to redraft a measure similar to the ballot initiative struck down by the Colorado Supreme Court. This would refer the issue to the people, and give plenty of time for debate (including the usual campaign puff pieces and smear campaigns).

And, by the way, since when did Democrats decide that the legislature is the real avenue for change? This is the party that plays on the platitude of hearing from the "people" and should the people prove less than pliant, demanding satisfaction through the courts. Dems are afraid of the ramifications of the backlash against illegal immigration and were looking for a cynical way to avoid having to deal with it at the ballot box. The two main bills passed the other night are the ill-begotten issue of their political maneuvering.

Illegal Immigration Special Session Fallout


Anonymous Curious Stranger said...

Again, I ask: how is the passed legistlation signicantly differnt from the ballot measure? The ballot measure is the ballot measure - debate between now and the ballot doesn't change the language of it.

The Democrats directly addressed a problem the Republicans would rather use as a political bludgeon.

I can taste the sour grapes from here.

Fri Jul 14, 09:11:00 PM  

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