July 10, 2006

Trident Missiles "Anti-God", Deterrence "Evil"

More inanity from the Church of England, as a group of bishops heaps moral disdain on the Trident nuclear missile:

In a letter published in The Independent, the 20 bishops said Trident was "evil" and that "possession and use are profoundly anti-God acts."

The money would be better spent helping developing countries
, they say.

Chancellor Gordon Brown has already supported the replacement of the ageing Trident nuclear submarine deterrent.

In the letter the bishops say: "Trident and other nuclear arsenals threaten long-term and fatal damage to the global environment and its people.

"Nuclear weapons are a direct denial of the Christian concept of peace and reconciliation, which are social and economic as well as physical and spiritual.

"The costs involved in the maintenance and replacement of Trident could be used to address pressing environmental concerns, the causes of terrorism, poverty and debt and enable humanity and dignity to be the right of all, and would go a long way towards helping Make Poverty History."
If it wasn't for nuclear deterrents such as the Trident, the course of 20th century history, careening as it was between fascist and communist totalitarianism, might have ended differently, and certainly not in any position near a "Christian concept of peace and reconciliation". What amount of self-loathing is necessary to convince a person to deny themself protection?

Where do these nutty bishops come from? They claim to have "practical, moral and economic objections to the basic concept of having a deterrent". What scant references are made on these factors scarcely amounts to a compelling reason not to possess these missiles, and reflects the mere wishful thinking that characterizes much of modern liberalism.

Targeting St. George


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