June 07, 2006

Tancredo Wins Michigan Straw Poll

Apparently GOP members favor Tancredo's immigration stance--he is not known for anything else at this point--over bigger White House potentials Giuliani, Rice, Allen, Romney, and McCain.

The Denver Post has much more, including the notion that Tancredo's support amounts to protest votes against immigration policy, and commentary on the candidates' current stand (McCain) or lack thereof:
The win left Tancredo "happy as a clam," he said, but not because he wants to be president.

"What has just happened is perfect for me," Tancredo said.

"I'm a relatively unknown individual. The fact that I can show up in a straw poll ... sends a message."

Tancredo said he hopes his Republican colleagues will pay attention to what the poll underscores about immigration.

"If I were a serious candidate for president and I understood the importance of Michigan, I would be concerned about the fact that some guy from Colorado who isn't an active candidate has out-polled me," he said.
Pay attention GOP senators, presidential candidates, and immigration "moderates".


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