June 04, 2006

Boulder Proves Futility, Passes Anti-War Resolution

In another case of political self-pleasure, the Boulder City Council in its profound wisdom, passed a resolution Saturday that called for withdrawal from Iraq, although without a firm timetable:
BOULDER, Colo. This city of Boulder passed a resolution on Saturday calling for a pullout of U.S. forces from Iraq, but set no timetable.

The resolution was passed after a 4 hour hearing that drew about 70 people, many wearing anti-war shirts and buttons.

"I'm disappointed we couldn't get a firm date, but this goes a long way for our position on the war," said Dan Winters, who gave a 10-minute presentation outlining changes the coalition wanted in the city's drafted resolution.

Councilman Shaun McGrath disagreed. "If we give this an arbitrary number, I think it will lose its credibility," he said. McGrath said more than 70 towns and cities have passed resolutions but none with deadlines.

The resolution has no legal impact.
Note the last line. Why does Boulder waste taxpayers' money by holding hearings on a resolution with no legal impact, and very little emotional/rhetorical/philosophical ramifications generally? Everyone who has not lived under a rock for the past thirty years knows Boulder opposes wars, nuclear weapons, and eschews violence in general. The symbolic gesture carries no more weight than a butterfly fart for those other than the few dozen "activists" and peaceniks that inhabit Boulder, or prove once again how asinine the moonbat, looney-left, granola munching, Birkenstock wearing. . .ok, I'll stop. The best comment came from the one dissenting City Council member:
Richard Polk, the only council member to oppose the resolution, said it didn't have the support of the entire community.

"As a councilman, I have to respect the 100,000 residents that aren't here," Polk said.


Anonymous jg said...

American Thinker links to a somewhat rip roaring expose of the towering hypocrisy of the anti war forces--in this country--or elsewhere. How many wars have they prolonged, from Vietnam to Iraq??

Here's the link which quotes the Hitchens article. His essay is a super skewer of the finest vegetable heads, Boulder too!, included:

Hitchens --excerpt--
Only pacifists—not those who compare the Iraqi killers to the Minutemen—have the right to object to every casualty of war. And if the pacifists had been heeded, then Slobodan Milosevic, the Taliban, and Saddam Hussein would all still be in power—hardly a humanitarian outcome.

Tue Jun 06, 04:51:00 PM  

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