June 01, 2006

Boulder City Council To Tackle War In Iraq

Liberal moonbats in the People's Republic of Boulder, ensconced in their 20 square miles of moontopia surrounded by reality, have decided to take up the issue of "bringing the troops home" and issue a resolution on the War in Iraq:

Nowadays relatively few people claim that the U.S. invasion of Iraq has been a good thing. The controversial question concerns how the United States can extricate itself from the awful situation that the invasion has created.

Last fall, the Boulder County Troops Home Coalition, a group of local citizens and organizations, gathered signatures on a petition supporting a seven-point departure plan by which all American military forces would leave Iraq within six months and the United States would fully fund the reconstruction of that country. Within eight weeks, the coalition gathered more than 5,000 signatures. In February, we brought a resolution based on the wording in our petition to the Boulder City Council.

On Saturday, June 3, the Council will be considering two different resolutions in support of withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and will be holding a public hearing on these resolutions. The first resolution is the one drafted by the BCTHC, while the second one was drafted and revised by members of the City Council. BCTHC is supporting our resolution rather than the council resolution because we believe it sends a much stronger message to our congressional delegation about the urgent need to end the occupation of Iraq.
Yes, as Gateway Pundit points out, things are really bad (not really). They continue:

As of May 23, key features of the BCTHC resolution which were not included in the council version of the resolution are: announcement of a firm timetable for complete departure of the United States military from Iraq, to be fully accomplished in no more than six months; full recognition of Iraq's right of self-determination; no temporary or permanent bases in Iraq; and full acceptance of Iraq's possession and control of its own oil and other natural resources. Copies of both resolutions, as well as letters to the council from BCTHC, can be viewed at www.boulderiraq.org.

There are many reasons that U.S. military forces should leave Iraq now, including: 1) U.S. military presence does not forestall a civil war in Iraq; 2) military occupation will not make Iraq a democracy; 3) withdrawal from Iraq is a crucial step toward a more appropriate American role in international affairs, and 4) meaningful democracy requires action at the local level.

About 85 percent of Iraqi people oppose U.S. military occupation of Iraq, and 47 percent favor armed attacks upon the occupying forces. The arrogant manner and overwhelming violence attendant upon a deeply unpopular occupation motivates armed resistance and fosters bitter conflict between supporters and opponents of American military presence. The military occupation has already caused a civil war in Iraq. Mangled and tortured bodies turn up almost every day. The ongoing civil war grows broader and more intense with each hour that U.S. forces remain.
The point is not to refute the mindless regurgitations of left-wing agitprop designed to make the experience in Iraq look worse than the "quagmire" standard of Vietnam--others have done so elsewhere and more eloquently and accurately. The larger point of this is that a local city council is taking up matters of national security and more specifically, foreign policy, reserved for the federal government. Wasting taxpayers' money on nonsense "feel-good" resolutions designed to appease local moonbats who collected a few thousand signatures and therefore feel justified in issuing a resolution calling--no, demanding--immediate withdrawal of troops among other things, is futile.

Remember, Boulder in its prescience decided to become a "nuclear free zone" in 1986 as a gesture against Reagan and the Cold War. Note to would-be terrorists with the Flatirons in their sights: It is against the law to possess a nuclear weapon in Boulder. Citizens have the right to sue. You may be arrested, fined, or jailed. Just thought you might like to know.


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