June 06, 2006

Colorado National Guard Troops Could Be Sent To The Border

Colorado troops should find out as early as July (video):
DENVER Colorado National Guard Troops should know in July whether they will patrol the border between Mexico and the United States.

Utah and Arizona guardsmen began patrolling the border in Arizona on Monday as part of President Bush's plan to crack down on illegal immigration. The mission for the 55 soldiers is to build fences, roads, and border lighting near Yuma, Arizona, which is the nation's busiest U.S. border patrol station.

The Colorado Guard anticipated between 150 and 200 troops would be called to the border and all would most likely be volunteers.

There are about 4600 Air and Army National Guard available for deployment. If sent, the troops could stay in Arizona between 2 weeks and 3 months.

"The only thing right now that's off the table that I know of for sure is that there will be no law enforcement activity," said Major Gen. Mason Whitney, head of the Colorado National Guard.

The decision to send Colorado troops to the border would require Governor Bill Owens' approval.
Of course, some don't want troops at the border, like the American Friends Service Committee (Quakers):
"We've increased militarization on the border since 1994 and it hasn't decreased the number of people coming over," said Gabriela Flora with the American Friends Service Committee. "What it has resulted in is increased deaths along the border and increased criminal rings. What we really need is just comprehensive immigration reform."
Duh. Secure the borders, enforce the laws, encourage assimilation. That is what American needs.


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