June 16, 2006

HoltzmanWatch (6/16): Holtzman Denied Again

Things continuing to not go well for Holtzman's judicial appeals:
DENVER - Republican Marc Holtzman has lost his latest effort to become an official gubernatorial candidate.

Denver District Judge Robert Hyatt ruled against Holtzman Friday afternoon.

The embattled candidate had argued that a state law requiring 1,500 signatures be collected in each of Colorado's seven Congressional Districts to qualify for the ballot was unfair. His attorney stated since valid voters can cast ballots anywhere in the state for statewide races, signatures should not be required to come from a specific area. Judge Hyatt disagreed.

Holtzman will now go before another judge to see if he in fact does have 1,500 valid signatures from each of the districts.
As Richard Allen, who knows Holtzman, asked in the Denver Post a few days ago, What would Reagan do?
This advice to Marc Holtzman comes from one who is not part of any "establishment," but rather from a longtime Republican and veteran "Reaganaut" who has served on the front line.

Holtzman should now take special cognizance of the Reagan example, retire gracefully and endorse the inevitable nominee of the Republican Party, Bob Beauprez.

Reagan would never have approved of the bitter struggle now being waged by Holtzman. To paraphrase the late Sen. Lloyd Bentsen in the vice presidential debates of 1988, "Marc, I served with Ronald Reagan, I knew Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine. Marc, you are no Ronald Reagan."


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