June 16, 2006

Clinton Double-Dipping: Columbine Memorial And Democratic Fundraisers

An artist's sketch of the memorial. Messages from families of the victims will be engraved on the outer ring.

He can "feel your pain" while you fill Democratic coffers:
Former President Bill Clinton is expected to give Colorado Democrats a big boost Friday when he headlines a fundraising event for them in Denver.

Clinton is speaking at the Colorado Convention Center during a $100-a-plate luncheon that could raise as much as $75,000 for the party.

"This is a huge deal. We're absolutely ecstatic," said Pat Waak, head of the state Democratic party. "I think we will see more and more public figures coming into Colorado because we're a target state in November."
. . .
Clinton will officially be in town for the groundbreaking of the memorial to those killed in the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School, but he is doing fundraisers on the side.
Drop in, flash the Clinton charisma, raise a few hundred thousand dollars. All in a days work for the former President.

Local news, of course, is going bonkers for Bill:
CBS4 (video)
9NEWS (video)


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