June 15, 2006

HoltzmanWatch (6/15): Undermining the GOP?

Another possible unintended consequence of Holtzman's legal challenge:
The state Republican Party contended Tuesday that a court decision in favor of gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman would obliterate its "basic function" in selecting candidates, according to court papers.

If Holtzman is permitted to collect only 10,500 signatures from anywhere in the state instead of 1,500 from each of the state's congressional districts as required by current law, it would undermine the party's interest in making sure a candidate for governor has backing from all of the state's "distinct geopolitical regions," the GOP argued.


Anonymous Walter Marciniak said...

If the Republican party would start backing conservatives (like Holtzman) perhaps they would start to win elections again.

Thu Jun 15, 08:21:00 AM  

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