June 23, 2006

Forest Service Denies Permit For Rainbow Family Gathering

Everywhere in Routt National Forest, the animals are rejoicing:
ROUTT COUNTY (AP) - The U.S. Forest Service said Thursday it denied a request by the Rainbow Family for a permit to gather in the Routt National Forest this summer.

Members of the group applied for a permit Tuesday -- more than a week after they started showing up in the forest. Officials say at least 500 people had already arrived. The Forest Service says groups of 75 or more people need a permit to gather in a national forest.
. . .
Forest Service officials say the group's permit application didn't meet the required guidelines.

The agency also says the site proposed for the gathering is served by only one road -- not enough to get large numbers of people out in case of a fire at a time when fire danger is high.
"Campers" could face fines and jail time if they stay after being asked to leave.


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