June 08, 2006

Amnesty Aside, Bush Reaffirms Need For Assimilation, English Learning

All those who stand on any side of the immigration issue acknowledge that immigrants here legally or illegally at least learn the language and assimilate, as does President Bush:
He said immigrants should know there is a legal way to stay, if they are willing to make the effort: "One is to say you got to pay a fine for being here illegally. You got to learn the English language. In other words, you got to repay a debt to society and learn the skills necessary to assimilate into our society. Show us you've been working hard."
Legal immigration is the ideal, and the stated position of this blog, but getting those immigrants already here, both legally and illegally, to speak and learn the English language and assimilate American values (freedom of speech, individualism, capitalism) would be a great start.


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