April 10, 2006

April 10 Immigration Rallies Across USA

"We're all Mexicans and we will not allow ourselves to be defeated!"

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**Roundup of photos from across the country, Denver and Colorado updates below--
**Update 10:30 pm Denver Candlelight Vigil Photos
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Noontime rally in Denver's Civic Center.

Apparently, the memo to feature U.S. instead of Mexican flags has finally taken hold.

Points for style.

Immigrant activists recreate Jesus' Passion, as the evil Republicans Romans flog him.

U.S flags along red and black Aztlan (eagle) flags and t-shirts.

Grand Junction

Denver rally at Civic Center drew a few hundred participants. Some of the quotes, courtesy of the raw video that do not appear in the story (surprise, surprise):

"You hear it, you feel it. The people are present."

"¡Si, se puede!"--Yes we can!

"Our people, defend yorselves. We have won this battle. We have won many, and we can win another one."

"The land belongs to those who work. We earn it with sweat."

"We're united, and I thank my job for letting me come here to be with my people and support my people. We're all Mexicans and we will not allow ourselves to be defeated."

"¡La Raza unida, jamas sera vencida!"--The race/people united, will never be defeated!
About 1000 gathered in Colorado Springs, including some soldiers from nearby Fort Carson.

Students and professors in the Boulder rally (video).

A rally was also held in posh Telluride.

Meanwhile, a few thousand gathered in Grand Junction for the same purpose--“We are here for the right of equality.”

In the United States, equality means equality before the law, and not what socialists/liberals mean--equality of position (outcome). But in order to put one's self in good standing in that respect, it behooves them to arrive in this country legally. To see my sister and her fiancé struggle with immigration papers, paying steep application fees, subject to rather invasive questioning about their relationships--including correspondence, proof of contact (periods of time spent together), travel itineraries, and personal photos. All this for the three month visa--to allow time to get married--followed up by all the subsequent bureaucratic red tape. Needless to say, her man is not from a bordering country, but from England.

I can understand their current frustration as they attempt to jump all the necessary, legal, and appropriate hurdles in order for him to become a citizen of this country, while others simply wish to jump in front of the line claiming, disingenuously, "equality" or "civil rights". No in the world has a civil rights claim to legal status in this country, let alone any other country. Even asylum seekers must prove a reasonable claim to gain entry.

Immigrants also seek higher education access--such as in-state tuition.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work with the protest shots. You're on my blogroll.

Mon Apr 10, 09:35:00 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

If you want some pictures of the rally in Des Moines, click here:


Great post by the way. We need to get these pictures out to everyone.

Mon Apr 10, 09:41:00 PM  
Blogger Rhythm Master said...

I married a Russian in 1988 and jumped through many hoops, both for the U.S. and the USSR, to bring her here and her two young daughters. They are all now citizens, and the girls, now women, are fully assimilated as Americans. No language accent, no hyphens. It is a bad dream to see these folks who believe they can ignore the law.

Mon Apr 10, 10:03:00 PM  

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