March 07, 2006

Indoctrination Not Education In The Classroom, Part 3

**March 7 Update**

Expose the Left has video of Matt Lauer's softball interview of Jay Bennish.

CBS4 has a follow-up interview and extended web-only raw video of Bennish as he returned to DIA from his NY trip--and a link to a PDF of Bennish's actual application:

"I'm very concerned about the potential chilling effect this could have on classroom discussions all across this country," Bennish said.
9NEWS also has a lengthy video interview at DIA.

Expose the Left has Sean Allen's response to the Bennish interview on Hannity & Colmes (video) and The Sean Hannity Show (audio) here.

Rocky Mountain News says school district extends investigation of teacher. More on Bennish's educational and teaching experience here. RMN's liberal news columnist Mike Nitwit--sorry, Littwin--calls Sean Allen's actions a hit job.

KHOW has podcasts of Bennish's lawyer David Lane here.
Denver radio talk-show host interviewed Bennish--Part I, Part II, and Part III. Also, a Jay Bennish parody montage.

Below are a few links that provide more insight and background to Mr. Bennish that Lauer conveniently left out.

From CBS4 (with video) Jay Bennish claims he has received threats, and also calls media attention "sensationalist", not investigating issues involved.

7NEWS (with video) has excerpts of Bennish's job application and also claims that the district threatened Bennish with insubordination (grounds for dismissal) if he spoke to media:
7NEWS obtained Bennish's application for teaching in the district. In it, Bennish said that his first goal as a teacher is to make students think critically.

"My primary objectives as a teacher are to encourage the students to think for themselves, to critically analyze the world in which they live in order to create a more democratic society," Bennish wrote.

When asked how he would decide what should be taught, he wrote, "First, the required state and school curriculum must be met. Diversity of curriculum is vital, especially for a history class. Students must be exposed to a holistic and objective view of history."
Gov. Bill Owens weighs in:
“I wonder where his hook was from geography to discussing, in depth, the similarities between Adolf Hitler and George Bush,” Owens said on an 850 KOA-AM radio program hosted by Mike Rosen. “We are challenged in terms of our students learning geography I would assume that if Mr. Bennish probably spent more time in differentiating Asia from Africa and from discussing the geographic complexities of the world, his students would probably be better off when it comes to geography and they wouldn't run the risk of being indoctrinated with his ranting on George Bush.”


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