March 03, 2006

CBS Anchor Bob Schieffer Feted In Denver, Dismisses Blogs

The following link has a lengthy video interview with Schieffer.
(CBS4) DENVER CBS Evening News anchor Bob Schieffer was honored in Denver on Wednesday for his years of work as a top-notch journalist.

Schieffer was at the University of Denver to accept the Anvil of Freedom Award that honors leadership and commitment to democratic freedoms, ethics and integrity.

During his visit, Schieffer spoke to an audience of hundreds about responsible journalism and the necessity of a free press.

"A free press that provides a source of information that citizens can compare against the information that they're getting from their government," Schieffer said. "That's what makes it all work."
Schieffer excludes blogs as a medium of transmitting news ten years from now and maintains that journalists provide the sole countermeasure to government totalitarianism in the form of the free press. While this is certainly true, his omission of a rising source of new media designed to check the accuracy of the MSM and the "line" it has come to adopt and promote is revealing, though not altogether surprising.

Also ironic is the presentation of an award for ethics and integrity to anyone from the CBS news department.

Expose the Left Bob Schieffer: I Am So Great (VIDEO)


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