March 03, 2006

Indoctrination Not Education In The Classroom, Part 2

Rocky Mountain News has a photo slideshow of yesterday's student walkout. Vincent Carroll, editorials editor of the RMN, has this analysis of Bennish's outburst.

9News has more video of Bennish's student supporters. ABCNews has video as well.

Expose the Left has video of Allen's appearance on Hannity & Colmes.

Stop The ACLU says Bennish has hired attorney David Lane, of Ward Churchill fame, to represent him.


Teacher meets with school officials, county policies regarding teacher's responsibilities developed during the Vietnam era--video.

School's policy on controversial subjects:

The concept and tradition of academic freedom is not designed to protect the individual but rather to protect a process-the process of seeking and revealing the truth.

Constructive criticism seeks in its analysis to discover the precise nature of a particular idea, institution or condition; to trace its origins; to outline its effects; to show the relationships to other ideas, institutions or conditions, and to suggest measures by which the idea, institution or condition may more fully and advantageously serve our culture. In its most practical aspects, academic freedom in the schools is the freedom and general well-being of all.

Destructive criticism using the techniques of propaganda and faulty logic seeks not to improve but to abolish a particular idea, institution or condition which the critic holds as a personal opinion to be detrimental to American culture. Destructive criticism follows no procedure, aims toward no usable end, and may degenerate into carping and name-calling.

Like any freedom, academic freedom carries responsibilities. It is not a license for abuses. It may not serve as a cloak for indoctrination.
Sean Allen feels the brunt of angry, threatening emails, and is considering transferring.

Bennish stands by opinions.

Teacher union concerned about "chilling" effect, but taping in classroom is legal.

Credit given to internet, which helped bring this story to light.

Technology makes taping anything easier.



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Excellent job. Keep fightin' the good fight.

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