July 13, 2009

Taking Colorado's Political Temperature--July 2009

July 9, 2009

Time to Take Colorado's Political Temperature
Right-Leaning Bloggers Want to Know Where YOU Stand!

Two of Colorado's most established and respected conservative voices in the political blogosphere invite the state's political observers and activists to share their opinions in an online survey to shed light on current state and national issues, candidates, and trends. The survey takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

The survey is available online at:

“This isn't your run-of-the-mill, quick-click, random straw poll. We have created a user-friendly survey that goes a little more in-depth,” said Michael Sandoval, also known as El Presidente, of the blog Slapstick Politics (http://slapstickpolitics.blogspot.com). “With enough people adding their two cents, we may gain some useful insights into the state of play for some major races heading into 2010.”

Recipients are invited not only to take the survey, but also to pass it on to anyone they know who might appreciate the opportunity. Only one vote per computer or unique IP will be allowed to help ensure accuracy.

“We hope to hear from as many Coloradans as possible who pay attention to the political scene—the movers and shakers at all levels, anyone who has opinions and insights and cares about the future of our great state and country,” said Ben DeGrow of the blog Mount Virtus (http://bendegrow.com). “Besides, some kind of fresh online news has to break us out of these summer doldrums and give us a little hope.”

The survey will be open until Friday, July 17, 5 PM local time. The survey is not affiliated with any political candidate, political party organization, or any third-party entity.

Sandoval and DeGrow are both members of the Rocky Mountain Alliance 2.0 (http://rma2.blogspot.com) and the People's Press Collective (http://peoplespresscollective.org), informal networks of Right-leaning, pro-liberty new media activists in Colorado. Poll editing graciously provided by Mary Ila MacFarlane.

Michael Sandoval, tabascoii-at-gmail.com
Ben DeGrow, bendegrow-at-gmail.com

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