July 29, 2009

Hundreds Attend Anti-Obama Care Rally In Denver

Hundreds (500-700) attended yesterday's anti-ObamaCare rally in Denver during the lunch hour.

**Update 8--Hundreds more in Colorado Springs rallying against government-run health care, where only a "handful" of ObamaCare supporters showed up

**Update 7--Hundreds attend rally against government-run health care in Fort Collins, outnumber pro-Obama supporters 3-1; slideshow of the rally is up

**Update 6--speaker highlights:

**Update 5--Joshua Sharf captured revealing pics of the decidedly underwhelmingly attended pro-Obama rally later in the day, featuring supporters sporting union-made signs and t-shirts; Face the State has an update on Michael the Hutt of ProgressNow doing a little projection of his own, Kim Jong-Il style; the geniuses at ColoradoPols can't count.

**Update 4--Instalanche, sweet! Thanks Glenn.

**Update 3--Face the State has a comprehensive report and a slideshow of the rally, and estimates that upwards of 700 attended.

**Update 2--Obama's supporters are staging their own rally at 6pm in Denver, and there is already a planned counterprotest:
What: Socialized Healthcare Counter-Protest

When: July 28, 2009 6:00 PM

Where: Colorado State Capitol Building
Colfax & Lincoln West Steps of the Capitol Bldg
Denver, CO 80203

The White House's own activist group "Organizing for America" is holding a rally in support of nationalized health care at the Colorado State Capitol this evening, July 28th. A coalition of 9/12 and Tea Party groups is banding together to form a counter-protest from 6pm to 7pm!

If you were unable to make the rally against socialized medicine at lunch today, this counter-protest is a way to make your voice heard and to let the politicians and the anti-liberty groups know we oppose what they are trying to do.

Because anti-liberty activists may very well try insult us or force confrontations with us, it is VERY important that we remain civil and professional - don't sink to their level!
Obama's astroturfers (unions/SEIU) vs. true grassroots, should be fun! Obama's union thugs supporters better hope for a larger turnout than their own counterprotest earlier today:

The large contingent of Obama Care supporters rally across the street.

**Update 1--Democrat Rep. Diana DeGette (CD 1), who represents Denver, puts forth the ObamaCare line:

Perhaps DeGette should take the time to listen to her constituents. And read the bill . . .

Denver Post:
"This is not the kind of health care change we want!" shouted Jeff Crank with Americans for Prosperity, which organized the rally. "We demand something different."

Instead, protestors advocated for tort reform to cut down on malpractice costs and making health insurance "portable" from job to job.

Crank said national health care reform proposals being debated in Congress call for rationing care. He told those at the rally to think of the hot dogs and T-shirts as liver transplants — "if we run out, we run out."
CBS4Denver had pre-rally coverage (video).

Photos are up (click to enlarge)--

Co-sponsored by the Independence Institute and Americans for Prosperity.

Sentiment was strongly against President Barack Obama's plan.


Rationing is a primary concern.

The posters were creative and not mass-produced.

Just a portion of the large crowd gathered, probably 500 or so.

Major media outlets were there as well.

Ari Armstrong of FreeColorado.com argued that government is responsible for getting health care into this mess in the first place.

Health care choice vs. government control.

But but but . . .

Where there are cameras, ProgressNow's paid hack Michael Huttner is sure to be weaseling his way through the crowd.

Jon Caldara, President of the Independence Institute, demands that elected officials, you know, actually read the bills they are expected to vote on.

The large contingent of Obama Care supporters rally across the street.

Winner for best use of props and allusion to pop culture of the day!

The rally wraps up and the crowd enjoys complimentary food.

Sums up the mood and message of the day.

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