June 12, 2009

Free People, Free Markets: The Foundations Of Liberty Course

The Independence Institute is proud to offer a first-of-its-kind course on the moral and philosophical case for free market capitalism:

Free People, Free Markets: The Foundations of Liberty!

The class will take place on 5 Saturdays, from 9am to noon, starting June 27th and ending August 1st. (Skips July 4th).

This class is open to everyone. And you may obtain college credit through the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (Good for credit at CU-Boulder and CD-Denver).

The course makes the moral and philosophic case for free-market capitalism. One of the most important concepts of Western Civilization is the acquisition of property as an unalienable right. The course develops the relationship between economic liberty and political liberty. Participants learn the principles behind wealth-creation. They are introduced to the philosophy of the Austrian School of Economics and its connection to the founding ideas of the American experiment. Participants are awakened to their heritage of economic liberty. It will be more than worth your time.

Classes will meet once a week for five weeks, from 9-12 on Saturdays (skipping July 4). The course is designed for business and community leaders, college students, and the general public. If desired, you may obtain three college credits through the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs by paying the usual college per-credit fee.

Come if you love liberty. Come if you love collectivism, but need to understand the libertarian position. Come if you want to receive an inexpensive, thorough, and energetic exposure to the founding principles of economic and political liberty.

If you would like to register, please call 303-279-6536, or send an email to rsvp@i2i.org.

For more information and/or to register, go to

Class fee is $75

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