June 16, 2009

Denver International Airport Receives Nearly $500K In Farm Subsidies

Who knew?
Over the course of 12 consecutive years beginning in 1995, Denver International Airport has managed to rake-in just under half-a-million dollars in commodity subsidies from the U.S. Federal farm program. The airport owns roughly 18-thousand acres of wheat fields adjacent to the main terminal property and runways. While the dollar amount represents a very small fraction of the overall farm subsidy program, the receipts of that money essentially constituted nothing more than a windfall for the airport, because the airport was immune to rising or falling wheat prices.
Todd Shepherd has the complete yearly break down of windfall subsidies received by DIA.

This is the type of story that will only be exposed by folks like Todd, investigative reporter at the Independence Institute and editor of CompleteColorado.com.

And if conservatives and libertarians are to regain any traction with the public they need to be doing more and more investigative reporting of this type, not just amateur punditry as is so often the case.

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