November 18, 2007

DNC Forces Auraria To Cancel Classes Next August

So much for summer break:
During the week of the convention, there will be no classes, but the campus will remain open with all classroom buildings closed.
. . .
Campus officials said the schedule change is being prompted by the expectation of huge crowds and traffic interruptions during the convention.

Several parking lots on campus will also be closed during the convention. The Auraria Parkway will be available to the convention for VIP parking.
. . .
The Secret Service told the Auraria Campus the area is part of a so-called "soft zone" which means it presents a security concern. It wasn't clear how or if the campus would be used by security forces.
One could make a crack about the Democrats not caring about education, but this decision seems like the rational if not the desirable solution to next year's impending chaos surrounding the Pepsi Center.

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