September 01, 2007

Moonbats Protest Albright, Newmont Mining, DU

Why is it when moonbats protest, their first thoughts are about violence and murder?
But the most effective tactic, as alluded to above, was the hectoring of the shindig’s attendees. They were ravaged, starting as they waited at a dead stop in a line of cars to unload, where protesters were assailing them through the car-windows with a litany of Newmont Mining abuses, and giving ’em holy hell for taking part in, as one commenter put it, “Eichmannalooza.” (Catchy, no?) Then, of course, they had to totter from their luxury cars into the Marriott. Over-dressed, incredibly-quaffed, pinch-mouthed, upper crust shitbirds, just begging for ridicule.

And, oh boy, did they get it.
Intimidation, name-calling and, I'm sure, chants accompanied by bongo drums or percussion of some sort. Verbally assaulting people on their way to an event is a tried and true weapon of the moonbats--achieving nothing more than smug self-satisfaction among the protesters, annoying innocent by-standers and passing traffic, and creating headaches for innocent employees, all the while changing no one's mind. But . . . but . . . it makes them feel good!
There was the rather restrained, but always effective, “you should be ashamed of yourselves,” but there were also a few, shall we say, more vigorous folks. Some of the best lines I heard:

“Newmont Mining poisons people for money. Hey, do you think we could pay the Marriott to do the same?”

“How’s about we throw Wayne Murdy off a bridge? How’s about we throw Madeleine Albright off an even bigger bridge?”

“How’s about we feed a cyanide cocktail to your kids?”

“You guys should read Ward Churchill. He’d scare the hell out of you, because you’re,” then after a dramatic pause, in a wonderful game-show announcer’s voice, “little Eichmanns!”

And, my favorite, at a woman in a ridiculous hat that looked something like a very large rat eating a partridge, “holy shit, look at that hat! You look like a little Eichmann train wreck!”
Death wishes? Check. Murder? Check. Terrorism directed at families? Check. Obligatory "little Eichmanns"/Ward Churchill shout-out? Check and check!

These quotes (if you followed the link) come from the self-congratulatory moonbats themselves, proud of their "witticisms" calling for violence, murder, and terrorism. Can't be misquoted on those comments!

Moonbat protests summed up:
Death to people who don't agree with us!

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