August 31, 2007

Colorado State Patrol Catches Illegal Immigrants, ICE Fails To Respond

Why, you may ask? The first reason given was a lack of detention space--the second, was because the local sheriff permitted Tasers:
A conflict between federal immigration authorities and local law enforcement is jeopardizing the effectiveness of a new Colorado State Patrol unit set up to crack down on illegal immigration.

In early August, the State Patrol's newly created Immigration Enforcement Unit pulled over a van loaded with 18 suspected illegal immigrants on Interstate 70 near the Utah border.

But the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency failed to respond to the State Patrol's request for help.

In addition, the Garfield County jail - the nearest jail with available cells to hold the suspects - is no longer considered an allowable detention facility by ICE because the sheriff allows his officers to carry Tasers.
WTF!?!? The outrage continues:
"Without knowing more, whether this is something that is going to be an issue across the state, and possibly across the country, our efforts in Colorado to crack down on illegal immigration are again being thwarted by the federal government," said Evan Dreyer, spokesman for Gov. Bill Ritter.

The conflict between local and federal authorities came to light Aug. 7 when a member of the Immigration Enforcement Unit pulled over the van west of Grand Junction.

The trooper contacted ICE to pick up the van driver and his passengers. but agents never arrived.

"The trooper sat with the van for a couple of hours," said Lance Clem, spokesman for the Colorado Department of Public Safety. "He didn't get the help he expected from ICE."

When ICE did not show up, "they were turned loose," Clem said.

Carl Rusnok, public affairs officer for ICE in Dallas, said the suspects were not detained because "we did not have the detention space."
So much for tougher immigration laws and the crack new CSP Immigration Enforcement Unit. If the Federal government handicaps your ability because of Tasers, there isn't much force behind these new show measures.

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