June 12, 2007

Activists Chastise Denver City Council

For not kowtowing to their demands (h/t The Drunkablog):
Activists chastised Denver's City Council on Monday for dropping a proclamation that would have reaffirmed First Amendment rights and limited police response during the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

"Who do members of the City Council represent?" asked Re-create 68 official Mark Cohen outside council chambers. "The people of Denver, or the fat cats who are paying for the big party called the Democratic National Convention?"

Cohen made his remarks to camera crews and reporters, who outnumbered the group of 10 protesters. The proclamation in question was one Cohen helped craft, and the outcome of Re-create 68's attempt to pass it through the council generated controversy last week.

Earlier Monday, Re-create 68 members sat quietly as Councilwoman Kathleen MacKenzie, who sponsored the failed proclamation, addressed her colleagues and said she hoped that officials would work to make sure protesters were treated fairly during the convention.

"We will do what most of us want, which is to welcome everybody and to have Denver shine in the global spotlight and to show the world that we're an inclusive, progressive city," she said.
The City Council of Denver represents all of Denver's citizens, not just the majority Democrats or activist whiners who seem to think that government exists solely for their pleasure.

Not all council members are as supportive of the activists' proclamation nonsense:
A vocal opponent of the proclamation was Councilman Charlie Brown, who said the city should only negotiate with protesters who first sign pledges of nonviolence.

Brown was the only other council member to address the issue Monday, as debate was limited because the proclamation had been set aside.

"Our police department is not a Burger King. For security reasons, the protesters cannot, 'Have it your way,"' he said, citing a commercial jingle.
Though the activists have about as much credibility as a fast-food joint serves healthy food--not much.

Denver's Mayor Hickenlooper (green guru, social engineering and behavior modification expert) wants the "dialogue to continue":
"I honestly don't foresee a big problem," Hickenlooper said. "The people who want to demonstrate seem reasonable to me."
About as reasonable as your climate plan, Mayor Hickenlooper?

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