April 27, 2007

What Would Dick Wadhams Do?

Colorado Democrats really have their knickers in a twist over Dick Wadhams:
House Majority Leader Alice Madden, D-Boulder, suggested Wednesday stamping "WWDWD" on bracelets for statehouse Republicans.

She said the letters stood for "What Would Dick Wadhams Do?"

Wadhams, an ace political operative, is the Republican Svengali who returned to Colorado to head the state party after its recent electoral losses.
Aside from the obvious savior reference, Wadhams gets the full smear/backhanded compliment treatment--an "ace political operative" and "Republican Svengali". Apparently "savvy political strategist" was unavailable for this story.

Colorado Democrats really do have a bit of Dick envy.

Wadhams spent some time with radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt (scroll to April 25, hour 2)

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