April 26, 2007

Denver Department Of Public Works Bans Use Of "Illegal Aliens"

"I would prefer that we would use a more dignified term," said Denver City Councilwoman Judy Montero.

"Unauthorized immigrants" has now become official Denver Dept. Of Public Works' official and "immediate policy", in defiance of state law.

As staffers kowtow to Montero's politically correct terminology.

Dear Denver has the follow-up email from the Department of Public Works:
...We spoke with Sean Sullivan in the City Attorney's office and he informed us there is a State statute, House Bill 1343 that requires we include a clause in all contracts with the language "illegal aliens". Sullivan said changing the language in city contracts will create ambiguity and will not be in compliance with the statute.

However, PW will not use the term in any verbal references, such as in council meetings, PW committee meetings, etc. It will be our immediate policy to begin using the term unauthorized immigrants in all references excluding the actual contract language. If there is another term you would prefer, please let us know.
Normally there would be links to MSM coverage of this event--where are they, you ask? Good question!

George in Denver is similarly outraged by Montero's politically correct patronization.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper denied knowledge of the memo, or DPW's new policy. It is hard for Hick to avoid acknowledging Denver's de facto "sanctuary city" reputation. The speech police are sure to follow--starting in Public Works, where the hiring of illegal aliens is still against the law (CRS 8-17.5-102. Illegal aliens - prohibition - public contracts for services):
(1) A state agency or political subdivision shall not enter into or renew a public contract for services with a contractor who knowingly employs or contracts with an illegal alien to perform work under the contract or who knowingly contracts with a subcontractor who knowingly employs or contracts with an illegal alien to perform work under the contract. Prior to executing a public contract for services, each prospective contractor shall certify that, at the time of the certification, it does not knowingly employ or contract with an illegal alien and that the contractor has participated or attempted to participate in the basic pilot program in order to verify that it does not employ any illegal aliens.
The language of the law, passed just last year, is quite clear.

Montero is just playing the political semantics game, declaring what is "preferred" language, language that clearly isn't found in Colorado law.

She is also up for reelection in Denver's snooze-a-thon election May 1. Too bad her opponent, Waldo Benevidez, doesn't have a chance (his NYTimes article from last April sits behind the TimesSelect wall).

Mike Rosen discusses the political neutrality of the term "illegal alien", versus the politically correct alternatives, such as undocumented worker, unauthorized immigrant, etc.

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