December 13, 2006

Ward Churchill Denied Alumni Association's Teaching Award

For the time being, of course, pending the outcome of his firing:
On Tuesday, CU Alumni Association President Kent Zimmerman had an impromptu meeting with four students who are protesting Zimmerman's decision to withhold a teaching recognition award from Professor Ward Churchill.

Zimmerman told the students they had a “legitimate” complaint, and invited the students to appeal his decision to the Alumni Association's Executive Board in January.

In 2005, CU students voted to honor Churchill with the Alumni Association's annual teaching award. Churchill won the student vote by a margin of 32 percent over the nearest runner-up in his category.

Zimmerman decided to withhold the award pending the completion of a CU investigation into allegations of academic misconduct against Churchill.
The bigger issue is not the withholding of awards, but the fact that Ward "America is the root of all evil and Israel is Mini-me" Churchill beat out other qualified professors for the teaching award.

Voter manipulation or student stupidity? How about both.


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