December 12, 2006

More Detail On Tom Tancredo's Miami Visit

The subject of Tom Tancredo's speech will be assimilation as Jeb Bush's office plugs the "diversity" of Miami:
Rep. Tom Tancredo is headed back to Miami a month after sparking a tense exchange with Florida Gov. Jeb Bush by likening the city to a "Third World country."

The Colorado Republican, who vocally opposes illegal immigration -- and who has never shied away from a chance to talk about it -- plans a speech next week to the Miami Rotary Club titled, "Renewing America: The Need for Assimilation."

The speech will include more details about his thoughts on how to address "problems" in Miami, his spokesman Carlos Espinosa said.

Alia Faraj, Bush's communications director, said Tancredo is welcome. But she added, "I didn't realize we had a problem in Miami."

. . .

"We welcome any visitors to Miami or the state of Florida," Faraj said. "The governor has clearly reminded the representative that we take pride in Florida's diversity. It is what makes Florida so strong."
Apparently Tancredo has fielded a bunch of requests to speak in Florida, guaranteeing photo-ops and soundbites galore.



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