December 11, 2006

Tancredo Plans Trip 'Abroad' To Miami

Insert fake outrage and protests/controversy over Tom Tancredo's next visit to Miami:
Rep. Tom Tancredo is packing his bags to visit what he considers a "Third World country:" Miami.

Tancredo, R-Littleton, created one of his patented firestorms in recent weeks when, at a conservative gathering in Florida, he told an interviewer that parts of Miami resemble a "Third World country."

That touched off a public spat with Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and others, and it led to an invitation for Tancredo to address the local Rotary Club on Thursday afternoon in Key Biscayne.

Tancredo spokesman Carlos Espinosa said Tancredo planned to give a speech on the importance of assimilation for immigrants.
. . .
Espinosa said Tancredo wasn't worried about whatever reception he will get in the Miami area.

"Not at all. I think the vast majority of people agree with him on this stuff," Espinosa said.

Meanwhile, any protests or controversy will only draw more attention to the event, he said.

"It's always entertaining. It'll add to the flair of Miami," Espinosa said. "I really do hope we get some protesters. Otherwise, what else are we going for?"

Tancredo should be going to offer reasonable arguments for assimilation and legal immigration, not baiting the local residents with incendiary remarks. But that is Tancredo's style, and nothing will change his outspoken method; he remains a lone voice with any standing--as a representative--to argue these points.

So, just how bright will the fireworks be this week?

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