December 01, 2006

Pagosa Springs Erects Public Peace Wreath

Pagosa Springs shows solidarity by putting up its own peace wreath:
PAGOSA SPRINGS, Colo. -- A Pagosa Springs woman drew national attention last week when her homeowner's association ordered her to take down a Christmas wreath shaped like a peace sign.

Now her town has shown its support by putting up a public peace wreath.

Lisa Jensen and her husband, Bill Trimarco, were ordered to take down the wreath or face $25-a-day when the Loma Linda Homeowners Association declared the wreath a potentially divisive statement about the war in Iraq. The homeowners association also said some saw the peace sign as a symbol of Satan.
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When Jensen refused, reporters from across the country began calling. The board of directors of the HOA then apologized, called the incident a misunderstanding and withdrew its request for the wreath's removal.

The town of Pagosa Springs has erected its own three-foot peace wreath.

Town Manager Mark Garcia said it is a public display of support for Jensen and for peace. Garcia also said the HOA-controlled subdivision is not within the town limits and the town has no authority over it.


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