September 17, 2006

Pope Benedict On Islam: Sunday Roundup

Exclusive: video of the Pope (in Italian) offering his explanation (to cheers)

The face of the Religion of Peaceā„¢.

Muslim "outrage" in London, at a demonstration at Westminster Cathedral (Joee via Michelle Malkin):

Sister Leonella Sgorbati

Sister Leonella meets Pope John Paul II

More from Michelle on the Catholic nun shot in the back by angry jihadis--and who is now a martyr--and firebombed churches.

UK's Daily Mail asks IS THIS WHAT THEY MEAN BY 'MUSLIM TOLERANCE? and has subsequently pulled the editorial from its website

BBC says Pope's apology fails to end anger

Hot Air and the Pope's "non-apology apology"

Meanwhile in Denver, 10 Nobel Peace Prize winners attack Bush, equate U.S. foreign policy to terrorism, invite dialogue with Hamas and Al-Qaeda, and lament the "materialism" of capitalism and globalization at a youth conference tackling "world peace".

Gateway Pundit--Greek Archbishop joins Pope, attacks "fanatic Islamists" and firebombed churches

relapsed catholic--Catholic priest missing in Iraq

The Anchoress--excellent Pope roundup as well

TigerHawk--an excellent piece Infantilizing Muslim "rage"

Gates of Vienna--examining the de-Christianizing campaign by Turkey in the 20th century and declares that the Pope didn't "blunder"



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