September 15, 2006

Denver's Democratic National Convention Bid Continues To Flounder

First non-union hotels, and now this:
Denver’s initial presentation and bid to host the 2008 Democratic National Convention was "disastrous," giving its two competitors an early advantage, according to a widely read blog for political insiders.

But Debbie Willhite, the Denver 2008 Host Committee executive director, said the city’s proposal was characterized as "extremely thorough" by a member of the site selection committee just this week.

. . .

The report, published Thursday in the National Journal, stated that New York City and Minneapolis-St. Paul are "right outside the winner’s circle." It also stated that an unidentified Democrat briefed about Denver’s offerings called them a disaster and that the city’s lack of a union hotel "remains an obstacle" even though organized labor in Denver suspended its opposition to the bid.

A DNC spokesman declined to comment about the blog posting.

Marc Ambinder, the blog reporter, said he stood by his story.

"To be honest, there were some initially who were dismayed by the quality of the bid," he said. "The technical aspects were not up to the expectations that they had for (Denver), and that disappointed them."
Bloggers would like to see a convention here in 2008. The Democrats might eventually lean toward Denver as the site gives the growing influence of Western states their due. That is, of course, if the Denver committee doesn't blow it in the meantime.


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