September 26, 2006

O'Donnell Joins Beauprez In Double-Digit Deficit

Ed Perlmutter now has a commanding lead over Rick O'Donnell to succeed Beauprez in CD-7:
Democrat Ed Perlmutter has surged to a 17-point lead over Republican Rick O'Donnell in a new 9NEWS poll conducted by Survey USA in the race to represent Colorado's 7th Congressional District.

. . .

Perlmutter's advantage comes from a 40-percentage point lead he holds among self-described moderates who make up nearly half of the likely voters polled (65%-25%) and a 25-point edge among independent voters (54%-29%). Perlmutter also leads among women voters by a significant margin (59%-31%).

O'Donnell is receiving the support of 76% of Republicans, but 14% of the Republicans surveyed said they would support Perlmutter. That's in contrast to the four percent of Democrats who favor O'Donnell while Perlmutter keeps 93% of his own party's support.

The survey's participants were 38% Republican, 37% Democratic and 24% Independent.
ColoradoPols notes the effect that two feeble Republican candidates--Beauprez and O'Donnell--will have on potential Republican turnout for local house and senate races.

Although one should also note that even though President Bush carried Colorado in 2004, Pete Coors lost to Ken Salazar, evidencing little carry-over/coattails effect. A lack of a motivated base in that election for Coors, and similarly for Beauprez and O'Donnell does not bode well for Republicans on the state level.


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