September 19, 2006

Enemies in our midst and the War on Terror

An Executive Summary:

It can no longer be denied that there are enemies within the Western World, who are, for example, British or American born and raised, yet revert to their radical Islamofascist ideas and carry out terrorist attacks. The extreme danger of this requires serious actions, and if the community feels "persecuted" by the arrests, raids etc, then they should be doing more to stop and prevent such acts, rather that the Law Enforcement Officers, Politicians etc feeling that they have to tiptoe around the issues to avoid offending anyone.

It's all very well saying that the "Muslim Community" or whoever are angry at things such as Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, but the impetus should be on THEM to understand that this is a democracy, where the majority of people elect the government, who make these decisions (or at least, that's the simplified version ). As a minority, they have no right to resort to violence to further their ideas, simply because they can't convince enough people to vote the politicians out of power who they disagree with. One could say that their behvaiour is akin to that of a disruptive, immature schoolchild, who spoils the fun for everyone else because they don't get everything they demand, no matter how hard they stamp their feet and wail.

When groups such as Al-Qaida say that their war only stops when America et al become Islamic states, we have to be proactive and premptive. It's not enough for the occasional airstrike or sniper assassination, we need to bring about a culture change similar to what happened after World War 2 in Japan, Germany etc. Even children are being indoctrinated into hating the Western World and all it stands for, and simply trying to stop threats as they appear only works for so long.


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