September 29, 2006

Denver Inches Closer To Hosting '08 Democratic National Convention

Denver still has to beat out New York, which is no small feat.

But with Minneapolis selected by the GOP for its own '08 convention, the possibility of hosting the Dems is closer to becoming reality, which for conservative/GOP bloggers is a great thing.

A good showing by Dems in Colorado this year could also give Denver a boost:
Denver City Councilwoman Elbra Wedgeworth, a member of the Denver 2008 host committee, thinks Colorado's location will give Denver the edge.

"I think in order for the Democratic Party to win the presidency you have to stretch the map, and the West, Midwest and Southwest brings a lot to the table politically," said Wedgeworth.

. . .

Colorado's Democrats hope their edge in the polls for the state's Governor's race and Congressional campaigns will attract the national party to build momentum for a presidential run.


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