July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth Of July!

To our men and women overseas and to all Red, White, and Blue American patriots here and overseas, God Bless the USA and have a Happy Fourth Of July!


Anonymous Pilgrim said...

Interesting picture, don't you think? Glowering, surly, almost snarling, the utter certainty of Islamic superiority on his face. I wonder which groups will speak out for this one? Has anyone notified the New York Times of this travesty of justice? The ACLU? CAIR? I'll give it, let's see....five days, no more, and I'll bet some brainless hair-on-fire, foaming-at-the-mouth liberal group will be shrieking in ear splitting chorus with his idiot lawyer about Islamaphobia. Cultural differences, my foot. This guy is a doctoral candidate and a major university. You'd think that somewhere along the line he'd have snapped to the fact that keeping an indentured servant/sex slave just might, MAYBE be against the law. Note to above mentioned groups before any of them even get started: He did. He knew, without a doubt, that what he was doing was very illegal. If not, why not have friends over and introduce them to your house slave? Instead, he hid her away. It's a little like Jeffrey Dahmer's lawyers pleading insanity and saying he didn't know right from wrong. If he truly hadn't known the difference he would have put the bodies out for the trash pick up instead of hiding them. Sorry, folks, but the only cultual difference that matters here is the arrogance of Islam and its disregard for the rules of civilized society.

Tue Jul 04, 02:02:00 PM  

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