May 23, 2006

First Lady Visits Mesa Verde

From RMN (full text of Mrs. Bush's speech here):
MESA VERDE NATIONAL PARK — First Lady Laura Bush today fulfilled a dream to visit the 52,000-acre preserve of archaeological wonders left by ancient tribes that built homes into cliffs, farmed atop mesas and have baffled experts for generations with their mysterious disappearance.

Mrs. Bush, who will spend two days in the park with friends from childhood, was honored with flute music, prayers and dancing by the descendants of the ancient Puebloans that lived in the area from about 700 A.D. to about 1300 A.D.

The First Lady told a gathering of tribal members, park service employees, local residents and a group of junior rangers that she and her friends hike in a national park each year and she was delighted to visit Mesa Verde this year.

"Preservation is an issue President Bush and I care about very much," said Mrs. Bush, who is on the National Parks Foundation's board and works with several other non-profit groups to protect the parks' natural and cultural resources.


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