May 23, 2006

Denver Could Host Both Conventions In 2008

**Update--Or not--GOP Won't Pursue National Convention

The first of two new reports on the progress of Denver as the host city for the Democratic National Convention in 2008 (Daily Kos is hosting an online poll, with Denver comfortably in the lead):
Denver is one of four cities still in the running for the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Councilwoman Elbra Wedgeworth announced the news today and said that the other three cities still being considered, Minneapolis, New York and New Orleans, lag behind Denver in a poll linked to Democratic Web sites.
. . .
Hickenlooper said the city would also bid for the Republican convention.

"We are a non-partisan city," Hickenlooper said.
Or a guarantee that the next president (that's right moonbats, Dubya isn't a dictator for life like Hugo Chavez wants to be) will be picked here in '08:
DENVER -- There's now an even better chance the next president of the United States will be nominated in Denver.

The Mile High City was already one of four in the running for the Democratic National Convention in 2008 and on Tuesday local Republican officials announced they may submit a bid for the GOP convention.


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